Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free Art and Performances in the City - Yerba Buena Night

Yerba Buena Nights - SignsA couple of Saturdays ago, Mijo and I enjoyed a night of good entertainment featuring local artists. Did I mention it was also free, as in no cover charge, no entrance fee, no tickets, nada.  

We spent the Saturday evening around Yerba Buena on a free outdoor music and performances called Yerba Buena Night. We truly enjoyed it and we will definitely watch out for this next year. Thank you Yerba Buena community!

Where is Yerba Buena? For those who are not familiar with San Francisco, Yerba Buena is a park near downtown bounded by 3rd St. on the East, Market St. on the North, South by Howard St and West by 4th St.  It is a great green space in the middle of an urban jungle.

The Yerba Buena Night event was held around that area. It had several venues:
The Dance Stage was on Yerba Buena Lane near Market St. beside the Four Seasons Hotel;
the Video/Performance Stage behind St. Patrick Church; the Music stage in Jessie Square next to the church and in front of the Contemporary Jewish Museum; the Aerial Performance next to the Music Stage; the Performance Area between the CJM and the Westin Hotel; and the Supper Club stage on Annie Alley near Mission St.

We learned later that evening that it was tough to choose which performances to watch. I can imagine it would be extra challenging for people with eclectic taste. Mijo and I tried to take it slow and moved from one venue to another at the end of each performance. There was also an Art Walk earlier that afternoon but we missed it.

Here are the ones we saw at the same time absolutely enjoyed. I've included links to their websites in the hyperlink in case you want to know more about the artists.

Venue: Dance Stage
Yerba Buena Nights - Theatre Flamenco

Venue: Dance Stage
Performance/Artist: Kulintronica by KulArts
Yerba Buena Nights - KulArts

Venue: Video/Performance stage
Performance/Artist: Video installation by Tim Roseborough

Yerba Buena Nights - Tim Roseborough video installation

Venue: Music Stage
Performance/Artist: Blind Willies

Yerba Buena Nights - Rin Tin Tiger

Venue: Aerial Performance
Performance/Artist: Two of Swords

Yerba Buena Nights - Two of Swords solo

Yerba Buena Nights - Two of Swords

Venue: Supper Club stage
Performance/Artist: Cabaret style acts

Yerba Buena Nights - Cabaret at Annie Alley

Venue: Performance Area
Performance/Artist: Sara Du Jour

Yerba Buena Nights - Sara Du Jour

Venue: Video/Performance stage
Performance/Artist: Classical hiphop by Cello Joe

Yerba Buena Nights - Cello Joe

Venue: Dance Stage
Performance/Artist: Anna & The Annadroids

Yerba Buena Nights - Anna and the Annadroids

Venue: Dance Stage
Performance/Artist: Caminos Flamencos

Yerba Buena Nights - Caminos Flamencos

Venue: Dance Stage
Performance/Artist: Amruta Trivedi and Nabanita Pal

Yerba Buena Nights - Amruta and Nabanita

This city is truly a meltingpot of truly creative people. I am immensely in awe of their talents at the same time thankful that I live among them in this great city. 


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