Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Landmark in the City - Sunnyside Conservatory and Mini park

You've probably not seen nor heard of this San Francisco landmark located in the Sunnyside neighborhood of the city. It is called the Sunnyside Conservatory.

It is a landmark slash conservatory slash venue. I've compiled a few photos of this hidden gem and "botanic jewel" since its renovation in 2009.  

Check it out here and maybe dropby the conservatory the next time you're in the neighborhood.

Can you believe that San Francisco is dotted with landmarks that even small neighborhoods like Glen Park and Sunnyside have botanical jewel? I am happy to present our neighborhood gem in this blog. It may not be popular like the city's world renown bridges and buildings but its beauty and history are enough to delight locals and tourists alike.

The Sunnyside Conservatory is located in San Francisco's Sunnyside neighborhood on Monterey Boulevard.  It is hard to miss it because the area surrounding it is like a lush garden, lots of foliage and large palm trees. The structure was originally built in 1898.

Sunnyside Conservatory

I've seen this place host various events and gathering since its renovation project completed in 2009. Events such as concerts, community gatherings, holiday events and even weddings have taken place here. There is also a parklet on the other side of the block on Joost St. 

Sunnyside Conservatory - City Landmark 78
This is the back of the main gate. This view is looking out into Monterey Boulevard.

Sunnyside Conservatory - Another view
This is the side view of the conservatory. Its hundred year old palm grove in the background.

Sunnyside Conservatory - Timeline
There are more information about the conservatory posted on the walls surrounding the building.

Sunnyside Conservatory - Menagerie
These twenty three bronze menageries were commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission's Public Art Program and designed by artists Scott Constable + Ene Osteras-Constable.

Sunnyside Conservatory - Joost entrance
This is the conservatory entrance on Joost St. 

Joost and Baden Mini Park - Street Sign
I am not sure if the conservatory and this mini park are related. If you look at how these two align for three blocks, one would think they are connected.

Joost and Baden Mini Park - Sign
This is the entrance to the mini park on Joost St. This mini park stretches for a block from Joost St. through Mangels St.

Joost and Baden Mini Park - wall art
Here are some of the artsy tile murals that can be seen in the mini park.

It is near the southern edge of Glen Park and it is two blocks from the Monterey Blvd. freeway exit. It is about four blocks from the Glen Park village and Glen Park BART station. You can also take MUNI bus lines 23 and 36 to get to the conservatory. For more information, visit the conservatory's website at http://sunnysideconservatory.org.


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