Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dinner in the City - Manzoni

For Valentine's, Mijo and I went to Manzoni once again.  I wrote once again because we went there for Valentine's last year. Aside from the fact that this is a neighborhood restaurant, we really like the food they serve there and we do enjoy dining in there. 

I've included in this blog select pictures of the four course prix fixe dinner that evening plus the other pictures I've taken before.

Manzoni or Manzoni Ristorante Italianno is a restaurant in San Francisco's Glen Park neighborhood and I remember Mijo and I first went to this restaurant for a New Year's eve dinner to welcome the year 2012. After the dinner, we thought it was a great addition to the growing list of dining options in our sleepy neighborhood. We also went here last year for Valentines dinner. We really like it here. The food is delicious at the same time unpretentious. The staff and the owner are also very welcoming and friendly.

There are a couple of grape vines at the front of the restaurant and this adds a romantic touch before walking inside. Inside, there is this red brick arch in the middle of the restaurant which adds a homey feel to the restaurants, in my opinion.

Anyway, I took a picture of what we had for dinner for Valentines because they were so good.

Manzoni - Bread
We started with this bread. This bread is not only served during special prix fixe dinners. We've had them during the other dinners too. I am not sure if they make this bread in house. This bread is simple yet it has this herby aroma. It tastes even better when dipped in the olive oil served with it.

Manzoni - Chianti Classico Cecchi_edited-1
We chose Chianti Classico by Cecchi for the wine. Though we ordered this wine for dinner, this picture was taken when we went to the restaurant before Christmas. This was when we just came back from our Philippine and Thailand vacation. This wine pairs well with Italian food because it tastes fresh with hints of berries and subtle tannins.

Manzoni - Bresaola Arugula
For the Antipasti, we both chose this Bresaola Arugula salad which includes cured beef, wild arugula, shaved grana cheese, and essence of truffle oil. Who thought these four ingredients would create bold flavors? Simple and yet amazing! 

Manzoni - Papardelle
For the Primi Piatti (first plate), Mijo chose this pappardelle pasta with braised pork ragu sauce. I've ordered this during our previous  visits to this restaurant so I know this is very good. This actually reminds me of a similar pasta dish that I ordered in Florence. The flavors are all subtle so no taste over powers another.

Manzoni - Orecchietti
For Primi Piatti, I decided on this orrecchietti pasta because I've never had an ear shaped pasta dish before so I was curious. It includes brocolli rabe, garlic, anchovies and chili flakes. Again, a simple dish  that is packed with flavor! The pasta is al dente. I'll try to get some of these ear shaped pasta and introduce it to our home. :)

Manzoni - Quail
For the Secondi Piatti, I chose this oven roasted quail stuffed with sweet Italian sausage over soft polenta and black truffle oil. I must say the flavor seeped all the way to the meat of this bird. It was so delicious!

Manzoni - Guazetto
For the Secondi Piatti, Mijo chose this seafood stew. I tried a couple spoonfuls and it was so good. My mouth is watering just thinking about this.

Manzoni - Poached Pear
For dessert, both Mijo and I chose this poached pears in red wine. This reminds me of ago-go banana, a poached plantain in brown sugar syrup that I used to eat growing up in the Philippines.

That four course prix fixe dinner was so good and very satisfying. Another good point is that the serving was smaller than usual so we didn't get too full before the main dish and still had room for dessert and coffee. Speaking of coffee, we each ordered a cup of decaffeinated coffee. We couldn't believe we were drinking decaf coffee. We were told that the coffee they use had gone through what is called a Swiss water process to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans.

We've been to this restaurant at least four times. Here are the pictures of the other delicious meals we've had at Manzoni. I don't remember the names of these dishes but they were good.

Manzoni - Rigatoni

Manzoni - Primitivo
Glass of Primitivo.

Manzoni - Fish
Grilled fish.

Manzoni - Salmon
Salmon carpaccio.

Manzoni - Pappardelle
Full serving of pappardelle pasta.

Manzoni - Linguine
Seafood pasta.

Manzoni - Hazenut cake
Budino or hazelnut chocolate cake.

Manzoni is on Diamond Street near Chenery St. in San Francisco's Glen Park neighborhood.


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