Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brunch in the City - Bar Tartine

Bar Tartine - MenuMy friends Dinah, Karen and I had brunch at Bar Tartine a week ago. None of us had been there before so we didn't know what to expect. I was the one who suggested this restaurant based on the good things I've heard about it. In fact, I chanced upon this place that same week while walking with Mijo from a Vietnamese restaurant on Valencia St. 

The brunch was superb!  Can you believe we couldn't decide which one is our favorite - the pate or the salmon or the spaetzle or the blood sausage or the french toast? This is on top of very good and friendly service and very hip and well lit  dining area.

Bar Tartine - Smoked SalmonSmoked salmon, cream cheese, onion. I think this one is cured salmon with a European twist, probably Danish, German or Swedish because of the garnishing. I tasted some dill flavor which blends well with onions and cream cheese and heightens the salmon's fish taste. It is also a feast on the eyes because of the colors. What an explosion of green and orange (pardon me for the black and white picture).

Bar Tartine - Chicken PateChicken Liver Pate, button mushrooms, bacon. Karen and Dinah were late so I decided to order this while waiting. The grilled bacon's smoky taste toned down the richness of the chicken liver pate. The bacon also added a certain bite to it. This is like an open faced sandwich and they really don't give you a lot but it was so satisfying. Even though we had to split this to three, I am glad that I was able to enjoy even a small piece of this delicious food!

Bar Tartine - Blood SausageBlood sausage: fried egg, potato, stewed sauerkraut, mustard. Having grown up in the Philippines, I am used to eating pork blood stew so seeing the blood sausage on the menu didn't scare me at all. I know it sounds gross, right? Blood as a sausage is not as gross visually and in taste as blood as a stew. You have to believe me that this sausage is the best blood sausage ever! I tasted some hints of anise which balanced the flavor. The potatoes were cooked to perfection.

Bar Tartine - French ToastStrawberry and sour cream French toast, candied almond, almond milk. This French Toast was not sweet at all so you can taste all the other ingredients. The sour cream made the french toast deliciously moist. I thought this is genius! I made a mental note to ditch  the use of whipped cream and substitute spiced sour cream the next time I make French toast at home. 

Bar Tartine - CrowdBar Tartine Crowd. The place does not have a sign outside so it may be a challenge when going there for the first time. Other than that, the place has lots of natural light, nice music on the back ground and friendly staff. I also like their attention to detail in terms of the wares, tables and decor. It is hip! 

Good food and even better with good friends or loved ones. I will be going back to this place and bring Mijo next time. (Special thanks to Karen and Dinah because they took care of the tab!)



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