Sunday, June 19, 2011

French macarons in the city - Miete

Miette macarons
I first heard of Miette from my good friend Dinah. As a foodie, she's raved about the macarons being delicious without tasting ultra sweet. It didn't register at first because I don't see anything special about macaroons. (Yes, I thought it is the one with coconut.) One time, Karen, Dinah and I went for coffee at the Ferry Building after having brunch at Prospect. On my way to the men's room, I remember walking passed a pastry place in pastel colors, mostly in pink, and there was a long line. It was Miette. I thought "OK, I am going to give this place a try just because Dinah raves about it." I bought one cupcake and one macaron. I realized the macaron is not the macaroon I was thinking of. And Dinah is right on the money! Both cupcake and the macaron were very tasty, fluffy and moist without being sweet. By the way, the macaron tastes different from a macaroon.

Miette at the Ferry Building
Mijo and I did our produce shopping at the Ferry Building on Saturday and I remembered to drop by Miette to get a box of 7 macarons. That is one macaron for each flavor - rose geranium, pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate lavender, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. They were all chewy, moist, delicious, and the serving is just perfect for two small bites. They are also nice to look at. I believe the presentation is part of the Miette experience.  

Miette at the Ferry Building
Special mention goes to their Chocolate Lavender macaron. I never really got used to eating sweet food with hints of lavender because the taste makes me think of soaps. However, their Chocolate Lavender is a good balance of chocolate, cream, lavender and nutty flavor.

I tried one super moist cupcake before but I will explore it more the next time. And their cookies. And their shortbreads, and their caramels and licorice. Here is their website if you want to check it out.

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