Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Musical in the City - The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group at the Golden Gate TheatreWe missed them in Vegas almost 10 years ago and then we missed them again in New York and Boston. When we went to Las Vegas for the Memorial Day long weekend, we ran out of time so we didn't see them once again. So when we came back to San Francisco a week ago and the Blue Man group was still in the city, we decided we won't miss them this time.

Golden Gate Theatre
The Blue Man group is not a musical but you'll hear intrumental techno rock music almost the entire show. It is not a play but there are mime performers who double as drummers, percussionists and keyboardists. It is sort of a theatrical comedy with audience participation and they employ the use of lights, digital screens and neon colored paints. They are really blue. Shiny blue.

The Blue Man GroupIn the beginning, we were having second thoughts about the show. It was like watching the Three Stooges on a big stage. At one point during the show, we got in one of our elitist-wanna-be moments - We are better and deserve more than this! Why are we even watching this? This is so not us! And then it got better with the next acts and we snapped out of our little better-than-thou moment. A good and fun entertainment does not have to be profound or deep.  It can be silly, infact very silly, sometimes.  We did enjoy the show all in all.

They have shows at the Golden Gate Theatre from May 24 to June 19.

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