Saturday, June 25, 2011

Organic Ice cream in the City - BiRite Creamery

Ice Cream at Dolores Park
The fog is now back in the city so we are back to the usual cool weather. However, the heat was turned up a week ago. Everyone was out in full force enjoying the welcome summer weather. The temperature was nearing 90F when we stepped out of the house which for me is the perfect sunny day. I was kind of hungry but I was craving more for something cold. Under normal circumstances, we would either go to Mitchell's on Valencia St. or Eggettes on Diamond St. for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Since we also wanted to hangout at Dolores Park, we went to Bi-rite Creamery to get our ice cream fix.

Bi-Rite Creamery
This place is known for their local and organic ice cream on organic cones. The queue can be quite long so be prepared to wait in line. Mijo and I each sampled a scoop of malted vanilla and a scoop of toasted coconut. The one I ordered came with peanut brittle and milk chocolate pieces. It was good though I can't tell the difference in taste between an organic ice cream from the others that are not. I guess I have to go back and try their other flavors and one of their ice cream pies and cakes.

Bi-rite Creamery and Bakeshop is on 18th St and Dolores St., across the street from the Dolores St. Cafe.

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