Monday, April 11, 2011

Everyday Wine in the City - Beaujolais-Villages by Louis Jadot

Beaujolais VillagesWhen I started reading about wines, though I don't like to admit, I became sort of a wine geek.  Years later, I had forgotten most of what I had read but a few things I can still remember. I recall that Beaujolais-Villages is a young wine and it is meant to be drunk that way.

For the pairing, we seared a couple of salmon fillets smothered with dried italian herbs, grilling spices with capers. The burnt flavor of the salmon's skin goes so well with the red burgundy.

Here are my notes:
Tasting Date: April 9, 2011.
Tasting Partner: Mijo
Wine Name: Beaujolais-Villages
Producer: Louis Jadot
Region/Appelation: Beaujolais, France
Grape Varieties: 100% Gamay
Vintage: 2009
Alcohol: 13%
Color Hue: red, purple
Aroma Intensity: aromatic
Developments: youthful
Aromas: berries, cherry, banana
Dry/Sweet: medium sweet
Body: Medium
Acidity: Smooth
Tannins: medium level, soft
Flavors: berries, cherry

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