Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Afternoon Salsa in the City

Afternoon Salsa in the City
Mijo called to tell me he's got 40% discount coupons from his favorite store and asked me if I want to go shopping later today. He said the coupons are only valid for today.  It didn't take a lot of talking by mijo to convince me to play hookie today. Besides, I've already put in a week's worth of work hours so I thought this is a perfect break.

 I got to Union Square 2 minutes before mijo did. Good thing the salsa band playing in Union Square and the dancing crowd entertained me while waiting for him. Strangely enough, how ever excited I was earlier to leave work, I only found a couple of items that I wanted to buy and as always, I will have to sleep on it.  Mijo got more discounts coupons for next week.

I was surprised that I can be this spontaneous.  I had a great time walking around and and the best part was watching mijo shop.


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Anonymous said...

Where do you get those coupons!? ;-) I LOVE the salsa shot!