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Filipino food in the City - Pampalasa, Rustic Filipino Cuisine

Pampalasa - Sign by roland luistro, on FlickrFinally, a new Filipino restaurant in the city!  I first heard about it being mentioned by my friends Dinah and Jean Paul, though, I think they've not been there yet.

Mijo and I dropped by and had a late Sunday brunch at Pampalasa. We enjoyed what we ordered and we will definitely be back  for more.

I was craving for something Filipino after an all-American all-day meals for the 4th of July weekend. Mijo and I usually go to Rey's Cafe in Colma, House of Sisig in Daly City or Inay's at the Metreon in the City for a quick Filipino fix. Mijo was up for something new so I thought of trying out this newly opened Filipino restaurant in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood called Pampalasa.

Pampalasa, is a Tagalog word which means to taste or to make flavorful. Honestly, my mouth waters just hearing the word Pampalasa. I don't know anyone who's been to the restaurant so I had no help or have not gotten any suggestions regarding which dish to order. They are open on Sunday between 11am and 3pm only so Mijo and I tried to get there a little after 1pm.

The restaurant is on Folsom between 8th and 9th Streets. We were told by our hostess that the restaurant just opened this year in May. The interior is decorated modestly with bright yellow color just like a ripe mango fruit.  The wall is decorated with compelling Filipino-inspired art works by Kristian Kabuay.

Pampalasa - Pakudos Kristian Kabuay Pampalasa - Ka Kristian Kabuay

The Sunday brunch menu is not complicated at all. We were also told the menu changes a lot depending on what is available in the farmer's market. We didn't want to eat a lot so we started with this tasty Mango salad. We love the different tastes in the salad. The powdered chicharones added crunch to the dish.
Pampalasa - Mango salad 
Mijo decided to get their 4th of July special which was a plate of Embutido. Embutido is a Filipino meatloaf. The plate is served with marinated cherry tomatoes, pickled carrots and semi hard boiled eggs. The Embutido was very tasty, darkish in color and not as sweet as the usual embutido I've had. It is a more contemporary take on embutido but something that will be enjoyed also by someone used to eating the more traditional variety. Mijo liked the rice too because the garlic flavor is just right.
Pampalasa - Embutido 
I decided to get the Adobo-silog. The Adobo is a chicken adobo but the sauce has been reduced to almost glaced consistency. I actually like my adobo this way because the flavor is more concentrated. The Silog is the garlic fried rice and the egg.
Pampalasa - Adobosilog 
For dessert, they had two that day. 

Taho or sweetened bean curd with tapioca. 
It was good but I would have liked the caramel sauce a little more on the burnt taste and a little less watered down. It is just because I grew up in the Philippines eating this as a snack or for breakfast and the caramel sauce is thicker in texture, darker in color and has more body in taste.
Pampalasa - Taho 
We also tried their Turon or fried banana wrapped in rice paper. It was served with this white sauce. It tasted like a thickend coconut milk with lemon. We asked our server what it is and she said it is the chef's top secret. 
Pampalasa - Turon

Overall, we liked Pampalasa. I think it is a great addition to the city's array of restaurant choices. The service is friendly and the food good.

We'll definitely be back to try their dinner menu.


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