Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Lunch in Sonoma - Back at The Girl and the Fig

The Girl and the Fig - Julie Higgins art by roland luistro, on FlickrMijo and I have been out of the country and we miss the Bay Area. We are fortunate to be able to see the other parts of our beautiful world but we are glad to be back home.

No better place to go to experience the Bay Area other than the wine country. Sonoma County to be exact and a delicious lunch at The Girl and The Fig.

We came back on a Monday and we went back to work right away. So when the weekend arrived, we were craving for a good day trip. We asked Mijo's sister Claudia to join us and we all went for a late lunch at The Girl and the Fig.

Mijo and I have been to The Girl and The Fig before. We also had lunch here the previous time and we had a great time. It is hard not to expect a lot when you've had a great experience the first time. Sort of like watching a sequel of a great movie.

The good thing is that the story went well because we also had a wonderful time on our second try.

The restaurant was packed when we got in but we were seated right away in their patio next to a big painting. The wall art is the summary of what life may be like in the wine country, fresh produce like grapes and fig and glorious sunshine. The painting is by the restaurant's resident artist Julie Higgins.
The Girl and the Fig - Julie Higgins art

We decided to go white so we ordered this 2013 Viognier by Kunde. It is refereshingly delicious.
The Girl and the Fig - Kunde 2013 Viognier Sonoma Valley

Then they served us these fresh bread with butter.
The Girl and the Fig - Bread

We also ordered these grilled Asparagus. It has hints of lemon and sweet and tangy flavor of vinaigrette. It was grilled to perfection.
The Girl and the Fig - Grilled asparagus

We also ordered this Fig and Arugula salad. I've had this before so I knew it was going to be good.
The Girl and the Fig - Salad

We also ordered this Smoked Salmon Avocado Crostini. It was very good and fresh. Same hints of lemon and vinaigrette.
The Girl and the Fig - Smoked salmon avocado crostini

Lastly, we ordered this Pastis-scented grilled mussels. We've had this before so we knew it was going to be great. I also love their perfectly fried frites. Service was great, as always. After we finished our lunch, the three of us lingered for another 10 minutes or so enjoying the great weather and the ambience at the restaurant.
The Girl and the Fig - Mussels

It was a little warm that day so we decided to go to Fiorello's Gelato to get something cold. Fiorello's is inside the Sonoma Cheese factory across from the Sonoma Plaza. I wanted to try something different so I ordered this White Peach Champagne. It was fruity and refreshing!
Fiorellos - Artisan Gelato

I am glad to be back home and what a great way to cure my homesickness.


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