Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chocolate in the City - Tcho PureNotes dark chocolates

Tcho - Big Sign by roland luistro, on FlickrI was walking around Union Square earlier this week and saw a Tcho store inside the San Francisco Mall. Lots of chocolates to choose from. To make my selection easier, I decided to pick their Tcho-A-Day jar.

This is why this week, Mijo and I are enjoying Tcho's PureNotes Tcho-A-Day dark chocolates.

To give  you a short background, Tcho is a chocolate company based in the Bay Area. They used to have their facility on Embarcadero St. but they moved to Berkeley.

We just ate the last of the chocolates that we brought from our trip to Italy last month. This made me crave for locally made chocolates. I am glad that Tcho has a store at the San Francisco mall.

Here's the 30 day Tcho-A-Day jar I brought the other day. This one contains an assortment of four kinds of dark chocolate because of their hints and flavors - chocolatey, fruity, nutty and bright. I like their catchy orange color and simple designs. I also noticed that the wrappers are durable which makes them perfect to bring to the office as singles in my work bag.
Tcho - Jar

The chocolate aroma starts to escape as soon as you open the plastic jar.  The chocolate squares have the same patterns so you would only know which one is which by sampling them.
Tcho - Chocolates

This is what Mijo and I did. We sampled each one of them side by side the way we sample wines at the wine cellars during wine tasting. What we discovered are very tasty dark chocolates but with different hints. I cannot tell which one is my favorite.  

The chocolatey where I found hints of caramel and honey. 
I tasted the fruity ones with hints of banana and mango. 
The nutty one is earthy and smoky. 
The bright is a little citrusy.
Tcho - Dark Chocolates Tcho - Chocolates with wrappers

The Tcho staff helping me when I bought the jar of chocolates also gave me sample of their milk chocolates which are equally good with milky creamy richness.
Tcho - Freebies

Mijo and I also paired the PureNotes dark chocolates with the coffee we are sampling this week which is Waialua Coffee by Dole. This is a bag of coffee we brought back from our trip to Hawaii in February. The pairing brought great flavors from both the coffee and the chocolates.
Dole Waialua Coffee - Bag Tcho - Coffee pairing Dole coffee

By the way, here's a picture I snapped at their former Embarcadero St. facility a few years ago.
Tcho - Old facility Embarcadero St

I am inclined to buy local. However, Tcho is not just local. Tcho is very tasty and high quality chocolates. It is my Tchoice. :)


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