Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cirque in the City - Amaluña by Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil - AmalunaI first saw a brief 15 minute performance of Cirque du Soleil's Amaluña when a couple of Cirque performers visited our company headquarters in December. It was short but it was a good preview of the story. A love story.

Mijo and I found tickets on the last week of their performance in San Francisco. As always, we loved it. Like any Cirque show, it was suspenseful, entertaining and fun.

I remember years ago, it was during our company's kickoff meeting when a couple of performer's from Cirque du Soleil were invited to do a short performance. I was easily in awe since that was the first ever Cirque perfomance I've seen at that time. The following December, Mijo and I saw Cirque du Soleil's Kooza when they were in town. It was quite a show, unforgettable show! The second time Mijo and I saw a Cirque du Soleil show was in Las Vegas. It was Viva Elvis. It was a good mix of musical, a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, with the Cirque twist. Though the show felt kind of short, we equally loved it.

We haven't seen a Cirque performance since then. So I was quite happy to see Cirque du Soleil again this year. It was Mijo's idea to see the Cirque in January, a week before they left town. They were here from November 2013 thru January 2014. 

Here's what their Grand Chapiteau looked like which was located on the parking lot of AT&T Park. It was huge and it can be seen from afar not only because of its height but also because of the striking colors and bright lights.

Cirque du Soleil - Tent 

We got there early because we didn't want to be a nuisance to others by arriving late and be a source of distraction. Remember the old adage? Don't do unto other what you do not want others do unto you. Absolutely, not during a show like this. 

This is what the main stage. A soothing yet a modern music played in the background while we waited for the show to start. The air is kind of smoky under the dimmed blue lights. Of course, taking pictures was not allowed during performance.

  Cirque du Soleil - View from the entrance 

Amaluna is a love story. A girl, I gathered she is a princess in an island of all women met this boy who survived an accident or a shipwreck on the sea. At least, that's how I saw the scene. Since I go to Yoga classes and I know how hard it is to do a pose on my hands, I was in awe once again when the princess emerged from this giant bowl filled with water. She came out wet, of course, and then she did different kinds of very hard poses which she made look easy on this teeny tiny platform. Do I need to repeat that she was dripping wet? Amazing core strength and balance! I forgot to mention that while she was inside the bowl, she did some mezmerizing water dance. Think of a mermaid doing a ballet. 

I also liked the power juggler, the guy on the pole, the wood branches balancing act, the trampoline boys, and more. Their bodies are super hero build, as always. Nice to look at. The costumes were creatively designed and they look real, as in real skin.

  Cirque du Soleil - Concessions 

The music was beautiful and the vocalists were clear as bell. I noticed the band is mostly women. That was probably the theme - femininity. 

  Cirque du Soleil - Fridge magnet 

Here are the pictures I took when Cirque visited the office. We were entertained first by the clowns. I kept praying "Please don't pick me, don't pick me". And I didn't get picked on.

  Cirque du Soleil - Clowns 

And then a couple of contortionists appeared. The performance was only 15 minutes but it was good nonetheless.

  Cirque du Soleil - Clowns and Contortionists 

  Cirque du Soleil - Contortionists visits the office 

This is the view from the 3rd St. @ Mission Rock Muni station. Till we see another Cirque du Soleil in the City next year or two.
  Cirque du Soleil - Leaving

Amaluña by Cirque du Soleil ran from November 13, 2013 thru January 12, 2014 in San Francisco, Ca.


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