Thursday, February 13, 2014

Breakfast in the City - La Boulange de Sutter

La Boulange - Sutter StIt was Friday. Mijo, though late, decided to go to the office. He thought he'd be more productive in the office than working from home.  I, on the otherhand, was working from home.  What's more productive than working and doing laundry during breaks, I thought to myself.

I have an appointment in the morning so we decided to have a sit down breakfast. We haven't had a slow sit down breakfast on a Friday in a long while. There we were. Talking, eating slow and sharing plates amid the busy downtown crowd. It was like a scene from a romantic movie.

I don't know what led us to go to La Boulange on Sutter St. We've had lunches there before on a Friday but never breakfast. The long overdue rain came the night before and light sprinkles continued through the morning.  I love the rain. I was reminded once again that even on a rainy windy gray day, San Francisco still looks stunning. The downtown workers seem to be always in a hurry. I almost forgot this was a Friday.
La Boulange de Sutter - Crowd 

I don't know why we didn't order the usual pastries we love. The cold and wet weather must have an effect on our decision making that day because we ordered real breakfast food.  I wonder if the food had an effect on our conversation?  Coffee is always good.
  La Boulange de Sutter - Breakfast 

I debated whether to take pictures of the food or not. I worry about ruining the mood once I whip my phone out and snap, snap, snap. Luckily, Mijo didn't even blink or rolled eyes. Either I did it so fast and discreetly that he didn't notice or he just doesn't find my taking pictures of food ridiculous that he just looks the other way.
  La Boulange de Sutter - Scramble 

Thirty minutes turned to forty five. Forty five minutes turned to an hour and we were still having breakfast.
  La Boulange de Sutter - Fantastic French Toast

At 8:45 a.m. Mijo had to go to work but I lingered. Mijo put on his black trench coat, knotted his scarf and put on the hat. Mijo looked like he stepped out of a magazine.

The breakfast had a hint of romance and it wasn't even Valentine's yet. It must be the delicious food? 



renelee said...

cheeeeesssssyyyyyyyy!! hehe ~ren

Roland L. said...

cheesy ba? hihihi. thanks for dropping by ren. :)