Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cafe in the City - Ritual Coffee Roasters

For our usual Thursday night-out , we decided  to go to our favorite Mission district.  After having a delicious and very savory dinner at Cafe Ethiopia, we were craving for a good cup of coffee around the same neighborhood.

Since Ritual Coffee is just two blocks away and we haven't been there for a while now, we both agreed to give the cafe a visit. Great coffee!

Last week, our Thursday night-out was a modest one. Nevertheless, it was deeply enjoyable because we went to our former favorite places (I'll write about Cafe Ethiopia later) in our former neighborhood. Technically, Mijo used to live in Bernal Heights but it was on the fringe and close to the Mission.

After walking two blocks from Cafe Ethiopia, we were infront of Ritual Coffee Roasters. It is amazing how this block of Valencia St. is dotted with coffee shops and cafes!

Ritual Coffee Roasters - Valencia St

I remember, this is where Mijo and I had our first locally roasted Salvadoran coffee. (I have yet to see a locally roasted Filipino coffee).  I haven't tried their espresso based coffees, but their regular drip coffees are very good. Ritual uses V60 brewers to make their regular drip coffee. We were told that this is a great way to extract the coffee acidity and fruit flavors out of the roasted beans.

Ritual Coffee Roasters - V60 brewers

Aside from good drip coffees, Ritual has friendly service and a spacious and inviting place for unwinding, catching up with friends and loved ones or just hanging out. It is a bit modern and minimalist but still having the cafe vibe.

Ritual Coffee Roasters - Tables

Ritual Coffee Roasters - Crowd

I once asked what is in their sign. I was told that it is an outline of a coffee cup with a handle and a star. A playful way of depicting coffee, in my opinion. That night, we each ordered a cup of their Decaf Colombian Los Idolos coffee. It has this good balance of acidity and fruitiness.

Ritual Coffee Roasters - Cups

We liked the Decaf Colombian Los Idolos coffee we were drinking that evening so decided to bring a half pound bag home. We haven't tried it using our Moccamaster brewer but we will soon. :)

Ritual Coffee Roasters - Los Idolos Colombian Decaf

Ritual Coffee Roasters - Coffee Beans

Ritual Coffee Roasters have several locations in the city. The one in the Mission district is on Valencia St. between 21st and 22nd.


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