Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everyday Coffee in the City - Peet's Coffee and Tea's Kona JR Reserve

Coffee in the City - Peets Kona ReserveOnce in a while, I like to splurge on my coffee. To splurge on coffee means to pay more than the usual price per bag of coffee. So last payday I dropped by a Peet's Coffee chain and picked up a Kona JR Reserve Blend.  Kona, afterall, is one of my favorite coffees.

It is true what they say - you get what you pay for.  This coffee may be expensive but this blend is so delicious it is probably one of the best coffees out there!

Coffee in the City - Kona coffee beansHere are my coffee notes:

Coffee Origin/Name: Kona (coffea arabica)
Roaster: Peet's Coffee
Producer: not indicated
Roast Date: May 9, 2012
Coffee in the City - Kona coffee grounds Brew Method: Drip, French press, and espresso
Sampled: Month of June 2012

More Notes: This coffee is very aromatic. You can tell right away that this coffee is high quality. The wonderful coffee scent of the beans escaped as soon as I opened the bag. More aroma fills the house when I start grinding the beans.  This coffee is rich, full bodied and having a good balance of acidity. Perfect cup of coffee! The coffee contains a burst of flavors - raisins, peppers, chocolate, cloves, spices. It has a sweet and chocolatey after taste.

Coffee in the City - Arizmendi Pecan Roll and Peet's Kona ReserveI recommend making this coffee first without sugar and creme to truly taste and appreciate the flavors. I also recommend sipping this coffee slowly. 

I've paired the first cups of this coffee with breads from Arizmendi Bakery. What a treat!  I am totally enjoying every drop of this coffee. I only got half a pound so I know this coffee will run out soon. I will definitely go back to this special coffee everytime I want to splurge a little on my morning cuppa. 


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