Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sustainable Sushi in the City - Tataki Canyon

Tataki - RollWe just tried a new sushi place in our sleepy neighborhood Glen Park called Tataki Canyon. It is in the old Red and White and Sel et Vin location on Chenery St. While the food was super delicious and bordering on noveau sushi, I was absolutely touched by their focus on sustainable seafood use.

Looking at the menu, I first noticed the absence of unagi in their list and I found that very odd. A sushi place and no unagi? While waiting for our order, I found a page I thought was an insert to the menu. It is entitled Seafood Watch and it is a listing of all seafood to help consumers make better seafood choices. The seafood is categorized into three depending on its abundancy, or its fishing and farming method's effect on the marine life or the environment - Avoid, Good Alternative, and Best Choices.

I later realized that what is in Tataki Canyon's menu are considered Best Choices. We tried one of their Tatakis (lightly seared sushis) called Bincho which is pole-caugt albacore tuna, garlic ponzy and scallion. We also tried one of their rolls called Extinguisher which is made of spicy albacore, avocado, habanero masage and spicy aioli. We both liked it. Sustainable and very delicious. I've never been to a sushi place where Unagi is not served. I became an instant fan of Tataki Canyon - a delicious and responsible sushi place.

That night, we came home happy and at the same time, we learned about sustainable seafood. 

If you want to read more about Sustainable Seafood Watch, go to


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