Friday, March 30, 2012

Everyday Coffee in the city - Bourbon by Santa Cruz Coffee Roasters

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting - Bourbon bag For this week, we are trying a coffee called Bourbon roasted by Santa Cruz Coffee Roasters from Santa Cruz, California. Whenever we go to Santa Cruz for a weekend we always dropby this local cafe after dinner or during snacks in the afternoon. So the last time we were there, we decided to buy a bag of beans to bring home with us.

Here are my notes:

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting - Bourbon beansCoffee Origin/Name: El Salvador/Bourbon
Roaster: Santa Cruz Coffee Roasters
Producer: not indicated
Roast Date: not indicated
Brew Method: Drip/Espresso
Sampled: Week of March 26 

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting - Bourbon cupNotes: The aroma has hints of caramel and smoke. It is very fragrant. The beans were oily and dark brown in color almost a dark roast. The acidity in the flavor is balanced with some fruity hints, maybe some apple, cherry or currant. Sometimes I taste some hints of licorice. This tast is consistent with the coffees that we had during our trip to El Salvador. 

When prepared as an espresso, the coffee tends to be syrupy  which feels good in the mouth and is pretty to look at. Though I prefer this coffee made as a drip coffee so as not to lose the fruity notes.

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