Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Most Charming Cat in the City

Shalimar the CatHere's our star pet. Shalimar is probably the happiest cat in Glen Park. And it shows, especially when you see him waiting by the sliding door in the morning with his head moving up and down with his silent meows. He was named after our favorite Indian-Pakistani restaurant on Polk St.

He goes to bed at night downstairs, he's the king of the garden during the day and then he takes his power nap upstairs inside the house in the afternoon. When we work from home, he lounges on our laps all day long.

His paw prints are all over the house, the garage and the backyard. My favorite leather chair is dotted with his artsy scratchings. He hangs out with five other cat friends in the neighborhood.

Shalimar is a creature of habit. He likes his water bowl at a certain water level, otherwise, he'll spill some of it. He expects us to unlock his cat door and let him out of the garage by 7am. He also knows that it is time for dinner by 7pm. He is like a puppy because he follows us around. He is a very sociable cat! He especially loves it when we have a barbeque at the house because he says hi to all our friends and gets their attention in return.

Here's more about him. Enjoy!

Where do you live: Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco
How old are you: 2 years old
Favorite spot in the city: our backyard garden
Necessary extravange: My comfy cat beds with a catnip pocket underneath each one
Favorite dish: Purina Friskies, both dry and canned cat food
Favorite treats: Whiskas Temptations

What is your treasured possession: Petmate Le Bistrot Automatic Pet feeder
What is your idea of perfect happiness: playtime, naptime and eating time, and belly rub time
Favorite home away from home: Mission: Cats in the Mission District.

Favorite home clinic: Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital in Diamond Heights.
What is your shampoo: Mango tango shampoo
What do you dislike about your appearance: my nose is too hairy and wide
When and where were you happiest: At home, on the leather couch.


Timeless Confection said...

Can't wait to see and hug Shalimar!

Timeless Confection said...

I can't wait to see and hug Shalimar, the coolest cat there is!!!!

Roland said...

momsie kaye, oo nga. its time for the three of you to visit. shalimar will help entertain lance. :)