Sunday, March 27, 2011

Concert in the City - OMD

Extras in the CityWhile waiting for the concert to start, we started playing a little game. We made a bet which song the OMD will open with.  I thought they would open with something upbeat so I said 'Electricity', he said 'Messages'. The friendly couple sitting next to us joined in the game and bet 'Tesla Girls' will be the first song.

At one point during the concert, my mind drifted so far away to the point where the music and the crowd started becoming just a background noise to me. Their songs brought back a lot of memories.  I was taken back to the days in highschool. Maybe early highschool? It was summertime in my hometown when one of their hits became popular.  It reminded of my terrible crush who only lived in the neighborhood for a short time.  Maybe I should Facebook-search him?

I grinned and then poof! My mind was back to the concert.

I guess I was not the only one whisked to memory lane.  I overheard someone behind me said His dance moves are so 80s. Another one said I feel like I am nineteen again!

None of us won the bet because OMD sang something out of their latest album in the opening.  They performed 'Electricity' last and 'Messages' second.

The photo above was taken during the OMD concert at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, Ca.

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