Friday, February 29, 2008

Book signing in the city

I was browsing in the non-fiction book section when, suddenly, there was a crowd congregating around me. To my left, to my right, behind me. I looked around curiously trying to fish for information on what the buzz is all about. A bookstore staff made a signal to another one and yelled he needed a chair. Under the sign Three Cups of Tea, a table with neatly arranged stacks of books and a fellow dressed in business casual is kneeling on the floor with a pen on his right hand. Yet another book signing, I thought to myself.

There were two names listed as the authors of the book. Fearing I might get a negative reaction, I didn't bother asking which one of the authors is he. I tried deciphering the texts he was scribbling that maybe it will give me a clue to his identity but my vision failed me.

I spent another minute or two lurking around the area. I noticed that this author is different from the other ones I've seen. He smiles as if he's really happy about what he is doing, no signs of pretensions, he seems like very sincere. I took a note of the book in my books to checkout list with the thought that I might get lucky that a signed copy will land at the main library.


(The photo above is the ornate Roxie theatre located on 16th St and Valencia in the Mission district of the city.)

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