Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Baseball in the City - The San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies

SF Giants - AT&T Park nightI love my employer. After almost two years that I haven't gotten tickets to a baseball game, the gods of free tickets granted my wish and allowed me another chance to two really good tickets.

The last time we were at AT&T, we were in the Premium Lower Box. This time it got better. We were in the Premium Field Club. Just two rows directly behind the Giants dugout!

The game started at 7:15pm and we got there just in time. We would have gotten there earlier had it not been for Muni's erratic schedules. We were going to get on the escalators until a ballpark staff told us to go through the glass doors instead. The masses go to the escalators. The VIPs go through the glass doors. I think I remember the same thing happened the last time we were seated near the field. The Giants was hosting the Colorado Rockies that evening.

SF Giants - AT&T Park afternoon

We ate first. The section we were going to be sitting is an area I call 'pay attention' area. Foul balls frequent that section and you better be able to duck to dodge the ball or catch the ball.  Since I grew up in the Philippines, I didn't play baseball as a kid. Anyway, the hotdog and the garlic fries are great. Sometime I feel that I enjoy going to the ballpark just so that I can eat garlic fries and hotdog. Of course, this is not the only reason.

SF Giants - Snacks

We finished our food and brought the remaining beer with us. This view was what greeted us.
The last time we were here, we were at the Premium Lower Box. This time, we were at the Premium Field Club. I was like, 'WOW'! Yep. That is Gregor Blanco and the Panda.
SF Giants - Dugout

Here's the view on the left of the Premium Field Club.  The energy in the ballpark is amazing. I can truly feel that the Bay Area folks truly love their Giants.
SF Giants - View left of Premium Field Club

Here is the left view from the Premium Field Club. The Giants cannot do wrong in the eyes of a Bay Area fan. Even when the Giants make mistakes, people still clap to give them support.
SF Giants - View right of Premium Field Club

Here is Buster Posey giving a baseball ball to one of the kids in the Premium Field Club. Buster's such a nice guy.
SF Giants - Change over throw

And one of the kids made the catch. Lucky! I couldn't help but remember my childhood days when my friends and I would play ball games outside, although, it was not baseball.
SF Giants - Change over catch

During one of the change overs, I got to see the Giants mascot upclose. I thought he is huge huge. 
SF Giants - Giants Mascot

By the way, in case you are wondering. This is what the concession looks like in the Field Club section.
SF Giants - Concession Field Club

It was an exciting game and the Giants were winning when we left the ball park at the end of the 7th inning. However, they ended up losing the game because of the late runs by the Colorado Rockies. The Giants were in a winning streak and this evening might have been the end of that.

SF Giants - AT&T Park night

All in all, it is always great to go to the baseball game and see it upclose. Thank you to my employer for the tickets. GO GIANTS!


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