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Light Show in the City - Nutcracker Under The Dome

Nutcracker Under The Dome - StartWhile window shopping last weekend, Mijo and I ran into a free light show that afternoon. We were just planning to rest by making a stop at the La Boulange du Dome for a light snack. 

We were lucky because SF Ballet's Nutcracker has a short light show starting at 5pm everyday. So while sipping our warm holiday beverages and tasty pastries, we were also watching and listening to The Nutcracker. We totally enjoyed the experience!

It is that time of the year again when people shop till they drop. Mijo and I generally do not get carried away with the shopping but we do enjoy strolling around the city to feel the vibrant energy during the holidays. It is truly Christmastime in the City!

Mijo and I decided to make a stop at La Boulange du Dome. The cafe is located directly under  SF Center's big Dome. Here are the goodies that make ordering food quite a challenge. How can one decide what to order, right? To make it easier for me, I just order the first two items that I haven't had before.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - La Boulange Choices

I spotted a table right away so I asked Mijo that I'll save the table but told him I was interested in getting the Lunette and the raspberry Financier. 
Nutcracker Under The Dome - La Boulange Lunette

Nutcracker Under The Dome - La Boulange Financier

We were lucky to have found a table right away because there were lots of people at the cafe. Holiday music was playing in the background too. And then I noticed that people were looking up so I followed their lead and looked up. I saw this light display and a countdown in minutes. Wow! A Nutcracker show? That would be awesome. 
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Starting in 20 mins

I also spotted this small stage with a Nutcracker poster which was close to where we were seating at.  At this point, I was wondering what kind of Nutcracker show this was going to be? Is it going to be a short film show much like a TV commercial beamed on the Dome or is there a real SF Ballet dancer on the stage?
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Stage

Nutcracker Under The Dome - Empty stage

Then Mijo arrived with the goodies and coffee. He got me a Raspberry Financier and a Lunette and he got himself a Tropizienne which is also something I haven't had before. Tropizienne is a cake layed with custard very much like a Napoleon. The Lunette is a layered cookie filled with fruit jelly. The Financier is a small cake that is moist and nutty in flavor.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - La Boulange Snack

The show was about to start in 5 minutes. By this time, almost everyone's heads are looking up to the Dome. It was almost comical to see it.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Starting in 5 mins

There was a silence among the crowd when the Holiday music stopped playing in the background. The Nutcracker light show started. The Nutcracker music started playing in the background. I did not know what to expect, what kind of show or how long the show was going to be. So I just sat there looking up and enjoying the music.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Start

By this time, I already had an idea that this is a light show and a condensed Nutcracker show. Since I've seen The Nutcracker, or make that I see The Nutcracker every year when we are in town, I am kind of familiar with the Acts and Scenes of the production. I think this is in the 1st Act and it is the Holiday party at Clara's home.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Act 1 party

I think this part is the Act 2's party scene where visitors from around the world where showcasing their local dances. Is this the Danish dance? I was not sure.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Danish dancers

I think this is the part where Clara turned from a young lady to a beautiful woman and started dancing with the Nutcracker Prince. The show was short, about 12 minutes but it was worth it.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Clara and Prince

There is a kiosk selling nutcrackers and SF Ballet memorabilia.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Nutcracker memorabilia

The quality of their Nutcracker souvenirs is top notch. I bought my first Nutcracker Prince at the SF Ballet Store during an intermission of The Nutcracker years ago and we still put it on display at the house this time of the year and it is good as new.
Christmas in the City - The Nutcracker
They also have more information about how to get tickets to the San Francisco Ballet's The Nutcracker production this Holiday season.
Nutcracker Under The Dome - Ads

I did a search and found this link for the Nutcracker Under The Dome.

So, don't forget to look up if you happen to be stopping for a break during your shopping and you are Under The Dome at 5 oclock.



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