Sunday, June 23, 2013

Art in the City - The Bay Lights

The Bay Lights
I don't know if you have heard of this light art installation that have been lighting up the San Francisco span of the Bay Bridge since the 5th of March 2013. 

It is called The Bay Lights and it is a sight to see from dusk till 2 a.m. Some say it is the world's largest LED light sculpture.  I say it is a mesmerizing artwork!

It was on a Tuesday night when this art installation was first unveiled to the public so I wasn't able to see its opening ceremony though I had an idea how it was going to look like from the short dry runs days before its unveiling. I remember feeling so excited about this new art installation because of the art's sheer size and the challenge involved in putting something like this on the Bay Bridge. I've never seen anything like this in this city. I thought, the spot light with be on the Bay Bridge at last. It was a brilliant idea that coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge.

The Bay Lights

The artist behind this light art installation is Leo Villareal. This light art installation consists of 25k LED lights attached to the cables going up and down the western span of the bridge. First, Mijo and I viewed the Bay Lights from the edge of the Ferry Plaza. For over 30 minutes, I noticed that the ondulating movement of the lights creates random shapes and the shapes look like they move from the left side of the span to the right. Just like a big screen, only it is on a bridge.

The Bay Lights

We later moved from the Ferry Plaza to Pier 14. I didn't bring a tripod so I had to improvise and use anything stable and flat as a platform. I got a different perspective from the Pier 14 view because the spaces between the cables from this angle are smaller thus making the cables look continuous.

Here are the videos I took from both vantage points. Enjoy!

Here is a better video by The Bay Lights that captures how grand this art installation really is. I like how they included a view of the skyline.
Click here.

On our way from the Ferry Plaza to Pier 14, we came across another art installation called Ray Gun Gothic Rocketship.

The Bay Lights - Raygun Gothic Rocketship

I learned that The Bay Lights art installation will be installed for a minimum of 2 years. If you want to know more about the Bay Lights art installation or want to donate, go to the Bay Lights website at


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