Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FFG in the City

Dinahs Kitchen
The scent of butter, dates and toasted nuts fills the air as soon as I unwrap a piece. Dinah's Kitchen's Food for the GODS, or FFG for short, are heavenly! I look forward to receiving a box every year. I received mine shortly after the New Year. Thank you, Dinah!
The box contained ten rectangular pieces. The rich buttery and nutty taste mixed with all that chewy goodness all wrapped up in foil and red cellophane. Did I mention that I could finish them all in one sitting?
My friend Dinah has been baking FFG for several years now and she'd give them away as gifts to her friends and loved ones during special ocassions. I think that makes her friends feel extra special and you are as lucky as I am if your name happens to be in her list.
Though she is in data processing by trade, her hands are blessed with baking skills and a palate for good food. I've been prodding her to bring Dinah's Kitchen to the next level and create a cart version, where Tweeter and Facebook fans could follow her FFG around town. Hint, hint!
I am under the weather this week and been staying at home and working remotely... and sadly I am on my last piece of FFG.
(The photo above is Dinah's Kitchen's FOOD for the GODS)

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