Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My birthday fell on a workday this year, on a Friday. I wanted a low-key birthday so no trips. no fine dinning and no shopping for me but I still took time-off from work that day.

I slept in until 9 in the morning. Gardening and taking pictures were the only agenda in my list. My marjoram, oregano, french tarragon, sage and thyme survived the cold, wet months. Maybe I'll get a strawberry pot so I can add cilantro, mint, chamomile, chives and heirloom tomatoes?

I think the birds are back from their winter migration. Tender foliage is starting to appear on the grape vine. Bees work busily around the lavender blooms and the tiny rosemary flowers. They must like the aromatic oils these herbs produce. I put more potting soil into my planters. There was a moment I couldn't tell which ones I planted the basil seeds into, or the tomatoes, or the peppers. I can't wait to see the seedlings in a couple of weeks.

The sun was up and there was not a lot of breeze that day. I was hoping the weather stays like this for Saturday's barbeque, and of course, for the St. Patrick's Day parade on Market St.

(The photo above was taken from The Waterfront restaurant. The food is equally excellent as the views from it's glass windows.)

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