Monday, February 12, 2007

I could hear the rain from the skylights. It is cold in the living room. I feel a draught, probably coming from the kitchen window. Using a throw, I bundle up on the sofa. My feet resting on the Sumatra trunk. I feel like taking a nap after reading just two chapters. It is a very lazy, quiet afternoon.

I pick a random music. I like this song. Something I was drawn to at one time or another.

...porque fue suficiente / hablarle con los ojos desde allí / si en ese mismo instante / su vida era tranquila y feliz / la vino a revolver / con bollitos y miel...
...revolvió su calor con su voz / con leche y azúcar / se lo dio a beber/ bordeó el corazón la razón / con unos besos / de ron y miel / horneó con su aliento su pelo / y caramelo parecía al terminar / y quiso saborear / la masa de su pan...

For the first time in weeks, I have nothing to do.

(I guess Valentines is just around the corner. Taken around the neighborhood using my mediocre camera phone. Time and again, this camera fails to deliver. sigh)

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