Friday, January 12, 2007

Arctic weather in the City

Northern California is having a cold spell. The weather is going to be subfreezing again tonight. The forecast for the weekend is even colder. I used to joke about winter being the time of year for showing off stylish clothes. It is nice for one day but two, three, four days? That is too much.

It is too much if I have to wear four layers. It is too much if I have to wear a pair of gloves and a hat. Where has the mild winter gone to? This is too much for someone who just came back from sunny, warm, paradise. By spending Christmas in the Philippines, I thought I skipped the coldest and longest night of the year. Apparently, more cold nights are coming.

I am back to my routine. The party is over. Since I am staying indoors to keep myself warm, this weekend is probably a good time to start reading the books I had bought earlier. Maybe review my basic Italian from ITAL1A before I start ITAL10A for Spring Semester. Anything just to keep myself busy. Homesickness is setting in already.

~ ral

(The photo of a hawk bathing in sunshine was taken around the backyard. I work from home on Mondays and Fridays and I was taking a quick break when I spotted the bird behind the leafless trees. I quickly but quietly ran to the bedroom to get my camera and my 300mm zoom lens. How often do you see a hawk in your backyard, in the city? This is priceless.)

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