Monday, January 16, 2012

Everyday Coffee: Barako Blend

Everyday Coffee - Barako by Figaro Coffee Company For this week, we are trying a coffee that I bought in the Philippines during my trip there over the holidays. I brought several coffee which were either bought or given to me as gifts. I found this one at a local coffee chain called Figaro Coffee Company.

Here are my notes:
Everyday Coffee - Barako by Figaro Coffee Company
Coffee Origin/Name: Philippines/Barako
Roaster: Figaro Coffee Company
Producer: not indicated
Roast Date: not indicated
Brew Method: Drip, espresso
Sampled: Week of January 17
Everyday Coffee - Barako by Figaro Coffee Company

Notes: After opening the bag, I noticed the aroma has hints of nutty smoky smell. The beans were oily and having different intensity in color, some of them light brown and the rest are different shades of dark brown. I only drink barako coffee when I am in Manila or when I bring some back to the States so I am not used to its smoky and earthy aroma and taste which overwhelms the rest of the flavors. The coffee tends to have a very strong taste too so I lessen the amount of ground coffee when I  use drip coffee makers. Because of its strong taste, I found that this coffee is better drank as espresso with sugar.


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