Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Musical in the City - Tales of the City

Tales of the City
When the disco ball lit up seconds before the musical started, I knew the entire evening was going to be fabulous. I thought to myself, finally, my wait is over and the Tales of the City is here. This new production is produced by the American Conservatory Theatre and mijo and I were fortunate not only to get tickets but to get them discounted (thank you Goldstar!). Even on a Tuesday evening, the show was sold out.

This is probably one of my favorite musicals not only because the music is catchy and fresh but also it was fun and I can totally relate to it as a transplant and as someone who romanticizes life in the city. I know this would be a stretch but I even imagined my story in the musical... as colorful as the characters' stories because of my equally humble beginnings in my little hometown of Novaliches.  Anyway, the timing of the jokes was perfect and spot on. I do wonder if a non-local would get the jokes about local stuff, about Marin county, about looking like a newbie in the city or maybe get offended because the show is pepperred with pot jokes?

A.C.T. cocktail time The cast was wonderful. They seem to have this great connection the way long time friends do making the play seems so familiar and so real. I agree with my friend Dinah, who saw the show when it first opened, that the show was heartfelt and they captured the spirit of San Francisco. My favorites were  Mary Birdsong as Mona Ramsey, Judy Kaye as Anna Madrigal, Manoel Feliciano as Norman Williams, Betsy Wolfe as Maryanne Singleton and Wesley Taylor as Mouse.

The play is around 3 hours long with two acts. It contains brief nudity, mild drug use, and disco ball lights. The musical runs through July 31.

p.s. These are the only photos I was able to take. It was hard to steal a shot because the 'guardia civil' were busy walking around during the play, even seconds before the curtain closed!

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