Sunday, July 17, 2011

Everyday Wines in the City - California Gewürztraminer by Fetzer Vineyards and Syrah by Bonny Doon Vineyards

2009 California Gewürztraminer by Fetzer Vineyards

Fetzer 2009 Gewürztraminer For Sunday lunch, my friend Caloy and my artist friend Bren Bataclan came by the house to hangout. Bren and his partner Bob are here in San Francisco for their annual summer vacation so Caloy and I scheduled a lunch date with Bren while Bob is busy hosting family and relatives from Boston.

For lunch, Bren brought a 2009 California Gewurztraminer from Fetzer Vineyards and we paired it with a dimsum set that I got from Delicious Dimsum on Jackson St. The sweet notes of this refreshing white wine went very well with the tasty siomai, taro root cake, pot stickers and dumplings.

Here are my notes.
Tasting Date: July 17, 2011
Tasting Partner: Caloy and Bren
Wine Name: California Gewürztraminer
Producer: Fetzer Vineyards
Region/Appelation: California
Grape Varieties: Gewürztraminer
Vintage: 2009
Alcohol: not indicated
Color Hue: light yellow
Aroma Intensity: fruity
Developments: medium body
Aromas: rose, almond, honey, mango
Dry/Sweet: sweet
Body: Medium
Acidity: low acid
Tannins: low level
Flavors: mango, honey, peach

2008 Central Coast Syrah by Bonny Doon Vineyards

Bonny Doon 2008 Syrah Le Pousseur
I first opened this bottle to try it with a Pupusas that Mijo brought for snack. Mijo was surprised to see me pair this Salvadoran favorite with the Syrah we got from Bonny Doon. I said why not? I am glad I did because the saltiness of the burnt cheese and the chicharones balanced the high tannin taste of this wine. Though I thought the wine need to breathe some more.

After two days, the wine tasted even better when we paired it with seared organic salmon mijo bought from Canyon Market.

Bonny Doon 2008 Syrah Le Pousseur
Here are my notes.
Tasting Date: July 8 / July 10 2011
Tasting Partner: Mijo
Wine Name: Syrah Le Pousseur
Producer: Bonny Doon
Region/Appelation: Central Coast
Grape Varieties: Syrah
Vintage: 2008
Alcohol: 13.5%
Color Hue: purple red
Aroma Intensity: less fruit
Developments: full body
Aromas: coffee, walnuts, soysauce, raisins, cloves
Dry/Sweet: dry
Body: full
Acidity: medium acid
Tannins: high level
Flavors: cloves, coffee, soysauce


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