Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pink Martini in the City

I've only seen them perform on T.V. during their telethon on PBS (Public Brodcasting Service) even though I've been a fan since their first album came out. I missed them earlier this year when they performed with the San Francisco Symphony. The tickets went like that, fast! So when the tickets for their November 15 concert went on sale 6 months ago, I was online and ready. Who knows? I was probably the first who bought the tickets. I wasn't going to miss them again.

So just imagine when I made it to The Warfield Memorial with the Salvadoran. I was absolutely looking forward to this. It was a sold out show. Since they are not mainstream , I never thought they will be able to fill the auditorium. I even ran into someone who also works for the card company. And then I got it. Hello? This is San Francisco. They love non-mainstream here! I wonder if the group Everything But The Girl appeals to anyone here? I wonder if anyone in the crowd has heard the music of 2raumwohnung?

Listening to them is like getting a crash course in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Croatian and of course English. If this city speaks more than 10 languages, this band sings in all 10 of them. The band has a lot of sense of humor too so the Salvadoran and I totally enjoyed the show.

Before the concert ended, they played their classical rendition of a Filipino national song Ang Bayan Ko. As in '...ibon mang may layang lumipad...' Ang Bayan Ko. It was near perfection! I was in awe at the same time surprised that I am hearing this being played by a West coast band! During the thunderous applause I suddenly got quiet. I felt a rush of emotion - angry for my country's current state, sad for its people, hopeful for its future.

I felt homesick. I wasn't going to cry. No, not in there. :)

(The third picture is my failed attempt to capture a Pink Martini moment using my camera phone at the Warfield Memorial in San Francisco. So you see, I will never become a believer of camera phones.)


E x c e s s . . .

I saw this video from You Tube. It is from the SF concert on 11/15 and I thought I'd attach it here. Someone from the main floor, which is standing only, obviously took this clip.

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