Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bakery in the City - Destination Baking Company

Destination Baking Co - CrowdI love our sleepy neighborhood Glen Park. I'd like to think it is San Francisco's hidden gem. If you want to witness SF locals in action, this is one of the places where it happens. I always chuckle when I see tourists by the Glen Park subway station totting cameras and spreading open their maps and looking like they're lost. 

Destination Baking Co - Trays Part of my romanticizing this side of the city is writing about village scenes like our favorite pizzeria Gialina Pizzeria, the sunday farmer's market, or our former neighborhood wine bar Red and White.

Destination Baking Co - Pain au ChocolatThis time, I'd like everyone to know about our neighborhood bakery - Destination Baking Company. I'll call it DBC in this blog. DBC's breads and pastries are as good and fresh as Tartine Bakery but without the looooong lines and the out-of-towner foodies. The coffee they serve at DBC is equally good as the best coffees served in the city cafes. The pastry chefs and the servers are super friendly too.

Here are the photos of their pastries that I've compiled so far.... Enjoy!

Destination Baking Co - Almond CroissantAlmond Croissant. DBC's almond croissant is one of the best I've had in the city. This is my favorite in this bakery. It is interesting how almonds are bland  when eaten by themselves. But with the croissants, their aroma and flavor come out deliciously. I was told that DBC only makes almond croissants on the weekends.

Destination Baking Co - Bear ClawBear Claw. The usual Bear Claws are too sticky and a little soggy for me but DBC's bear claw is not. It is more like a croissant - buttery with a thicker crust and a fluffy core. Since bear claws have almond toppings, they are usually what I order when we are here during the week. They are my substitute for my favorite almond croissants.

Destination Baking Co - Blueberry DanishBlueberry Danish. One thing in common among these pastries is that they are buttery. I guess that is the secret to their flaky goodness and creamy taste. The fruity flavor of the blueberry goes so well with the buttery and fluffy bread.  One time, I brought a bunch of these blueberry danish pastries to a friend's brunch and they were such a hit. Everyone loved them! 

Destination Baking Co - Gruyere CroissantGruyere Croissant. Among the savory pastries, this one is a winner. I also like the one that comes with black forest ham. The aroma of the cheese and the freshly baked bread explode as soon as you break the bread. I get that smoky creamy meat flavor on the first bite. If you like savory breakfast breads like me, this is worth sampling.

Destination Baking Co - Cheese DanishCheese Danish. This cheese danish goes so well with coffee. I know that too much butter, sugar and cream cheese are bad for you, but how can you not like this cheese danish? The cheese filling has a hint of lemon, a little tangy which is very good layer of taste. Also in the picture is a gruyere stick which tastes like the gruyere croissant but crunchy on the outside and a little burnt. Very yummy!

Destination Baking Co - Cinnamon Honeyclaw Cinnamon Honey Claw. This cinnamon honey claw is like a buttery sticky cinnamon buns. The cinnamon flavor is a very dominant flavor and aroma. This one goes to well with coffee.

Destination Baking Co - Ham and Gruyere CroissantI wish DBC would come up with a recipe book just like Tartine. 

DBC is located in San Francisco's Glen Park neighborhood on Chenery St.


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